DO you feel these days that things are getting a little weird and not turning out the way you thought, feel a bit like you are losing control?
  NOT sure what to do to get a handle and you'd like to know what's really going on?
  PERHAPS you have a little look at what your Stars say in the paper or subscribe to a positive saying for the day?
....well, we have something which can help a lot!!!....

  Synchrodice is an original method of divining using mostly astrological symbols combined in a unique way.
No training in Astrology is required, just throw the dice and use the board provided to give you the start you need to make an interpretation your own way.

  YOU can use Synchrodice in order to help you make decisions, determine which direction to take or to work out what is really going on in “your reality”. Try it for yourself or try it out on your friends.

  Synchronicity is the term that suggests that everything happens for a reason, Synchrodice can show you how.

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